Medio Creek Sewer Extension

​San Antonio Water System

Sealed bids are requested by the San Antonio Water System for the construction of approximately 8,000 linear feet of 36-inch sewer main, 2,650 linear feet of 30-inch sewer main and 2,250 linear feet of 15-inch sewer main for the Medio Creek Sewer Extension, SAWS Job No. 20-1574. The San Antonio Water System Master Plan and the anticipated growth in this area require a 36-inch sewer main to be extended from the existing 36-inch sewer main (Westpointe West Off-Site Sewer Extension Phase II) within and adjacent to the Talley Road right-of-way.

C-69 South Zarzamora Street Sewer Upsize and Relief
​San Antonio Water System

replacement of approximately 3,800 linear feet of existing 8-inch and 18-inch sewer mains with new 8-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch PVC and 30-inch and 36-inch Reinforced Fiberglass Pipe (FRP) by open-cut and boring methods. This project also includes the abandonment of approximately 7,100 linear feet of sewer mains larger than 15-inch in the Gillette Area in south central San Antonio.

Current Bidding Opportunities

W2 Huebner Creek - Eckhert to Bandera
​San Antonio Water System

Approximately 4,900 LF of 42-inch FRP sanitary sewer main, 3,200 LF of 36-inch FRP sanitary sewer main, 2,500 LF of 24-inch PVC sanitary sewer main, associated structures, 1,100 LF of 8-inch through 12-inch sanitary sewer side connections, bypass pumping, pavement repairs, and traffic control.