Water Distribution System Improvements Phase I (Part 2)

Bid Date: 07/21/2022

​Sealed bids are requested by the City of Devine for the construction of approximately 20,343 L.F. of 8 inch water main, 3,327 L.F. of 6 inch water main, 90 valves from 2" to 12", 49 Fire Hydrants, 399 service connections, 6,613 L.F. of service lines, 10.07 tons of ductile Iron Fittings, 1,577 L.F. of bore water main w/o casing, 3,382 L.F. of bore under pavement for service lines, 3,379 L.F. of cut & patch asphalt pavement, 240 L.F. of Bore and Case 8 inch water main with 16 inch casing; remove and dispose of AC pipe, and appurtenances. Deduction for Materials on Site (See Bid Proposal).

Current Bidding Opportunities